Help Using the Sports Memorabilia Database

How do I register

Please visit Register to signup for your own Sports Memorabilia Database account

How do I login

Please visit Login to login into your account

How do a claim or like an item

Once logged in please navigate to any items "show" page (i.e. -- on the screen will be a box containing the item's information:
- To Like the item press the empty heart icon () it will then turn to a full heart () once the item has been liked.
- To claim the item press "Click to claim this item" it will then say "I own this item" once claimed.

How do I add a new item

Once logged in please click the: button or click here.
- You will want to add any images of the item by using the upload option at the top:
- Simply select as many images as you would like and it will upload them automatically
Then select a category for the item to be assigned to:

Lastly fill in any additional information about the item:

Once you hit submit your item will be sent for moderation and approved shortly after